Behavior Training At Its Best

What is behavior training?
Teaching animals the way you expect them to behave instead of forcing them to do what you say. Utilizing the interspecies language to understand what the animal is saying and what you are saying to your animal.

How can we help?
Dr. Brennan provides a variety of services to animals, owners and professionals. Services range from private one-on-one sessions with owners and their animal companions to larger teaching sessions for veterinarians and their staff. Some of the services include:

Canine Communication Classes

  • Teaching the sit as a way to say please
  • Teaching the down as a relaxation behavior
  • Motivating the response to come as an absolute

Practice Consultations

  • Does the animal have a problem behavior or a behavior problem?
  • Identify the difference to¬† avoid the behavior problem becoming a problem behavior

Puppy/Dog Socialization

  • Puppies below 16wks
  • Dogs over 16wks

Feline Consults

  • Aggressive play
  • Inappropriate litter box behavior
  • The attack cat
  • Excessive grooming

Avian Consults

  • Grooming/feather picking
  • Vocalization problems

Equine Consults

  • Available from an equine veterinary behaviorist